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The Latest From Pickles Playland

Dog Grooming Spring Cleaning
March 1st through May 31st 2021 

Do you have a dog that gets their haircut? We would love to help them realize what it's like to relax during the grooming process. After-all your dog will get their haircut for their entire life. Enjoying that process is important.

The Pickles Playland salon is set up to help dogs relax and enjoy grooming as much as possible. We have a 1 on 1 salon built to be sound proof, cutting down on distractions. Your dog's groomer is trained in techniques to help your dog relax throughout the experience. We often take time for breaks when needed. At Pickles we only book a few dogs each day, to ensure there is no rushing through the experience. Taking things at your dog's pace is crucial to providing a good experience.

Dogs receive a full body aloe massage after bathing, using a lavender infused aloe. This helps their coat stay luscious and soft, as well as relaxes them before cutting their hair. 

Drying is the most stressful time for most dogs. So to combat the negative experiences your dog may have had at other salons we designed our salon to contain the drying motor in a separate room. This cuts the noise down by over half. Dogs also wear ear wraps that not only dry their heads, cutting down on dry time, but also act as a noise guard. 

Come see the difference and how we can help your unique dog! Full details available on our website. Membership NOT required, but vaccines are.

Thank you!  ~The Pickle Crew

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