[email protected] Weekly Car Show


Join us for the largest (and most impressive, we think) weekly car gathering in the US. Gatherings are every Saturday through October from 9-11am* (Weather Dependent). Keep tabs on event details: https://exoticsat.com/

[email protected] is an informal weekly gathering of exotic and very rare cars that draws owner and spectators together for mutual enjoyment of all things car-related. There is no cost. The event is entirely free. Their organizers maintain strict criteria and rules to keep it the best show in the country.

[email protected] has grown over our twelve seasons to become the largest weekly car gathering in the US as far as they know. (We bolded "weekly" because they get so much email asking when we're having our next event...WEEKLY-weekly-WEEKLY!)

The organization at its anchor is made up of roughly two dozen volunteers who do everything they can to make each and every Saturday morning a unique, fun and amusing experience.

Exotics@RTC Weekly Car Show

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